Welcome to FISM EUROPE

Xavier Tapias - President FISM EUROPE - Continental division

Welcome to a New Era at FISM Europe


Dear Presidents of the FISM Europe Associations, dear European Magicians,


Welcome to the new stage of FISM Europe!


The time has come to take over from my dear friend Andrea Baioni, so that he can fully dedicate himself to his role as International President of FISM. I have no words to thank him for always believing in me and helping me at all times. I also want to thank my first mentor at FISM, Gerrit Bregman, and the invaluable help of Domenico Dante for all his friendship, advice and help. I also cannot forget my dear first President of FISM Europe, Mr. John Pye.

With all my background learned from my teachers, I present myself before all of you to begin working together on new achievements in the art of magic.

It will not be an easy task because my predecessors achieved many excellent results that we will continue to work on together with my team. And yes, it is precisely with the work of a good team that results are achieved. And I have it!

Christina Nyman will be my right arm as the new Vice President and her knowledge and calm advice will be essential to me. The invaluable experience of my dear Priska Whalter as Secretary and with the wise advice of two highly respected people in our magical world: Eberhard Riese and Serge Odin.

But even with the best wishes, and the best team, it is not possible to achieve lofty objectives without the support of each and every one of the Presidents of the European Associations and of course, of the entire magical community that is the true driving force of FISM.


We must continually work and join forces to strengthen the magical community throughout Europe and for this reason I encourage all members to actively participate in the upcoming initiatives.

Let me congratulate each of you in advance, because I am sure of our success!



FISM Europe President



EEB Team

European Executive Board

Christina Nyman

FISM Europe Vice President  Luxemburg

Christina is a clever and active woman and her ideas are always welcome. Her language skills, knowledge about magic and legal background are valuable assets.

Priska Walther

EEB - Secretary 


Priska works with Swiss watch precission.

She loves magic and loves colaborating in any way that the magic comunity needs.

Eberhard Riese



Eberhard is a very recognized and respected person worldwide. His vision of magic and his help in training magicians is his great passion.

Serge Odin



Serge is the current president of the prestigious FFAP. He is a very respected and loved person not only in his country but throughout Europe.


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