Welcome to FISM EUROPE

Andrea Baioni - President FISM EUROPE - Continental division

Dear Presidents of the FISM Europe Associations

Dear European Magicians,


FISM Europe is a Continental Division of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques - FISM


Since FISM Europe was created, all the Board efforts have been directed towards building a platform to unify Magic societies across Europe;  until now (and for the future as well) our commitment has been to enhance, promote and develop the Art of Magic on our Continent.


To achieve these goals, FISM Europe Board has worked to organize the FISM European Championships of Magic that is become the most important competition in Europe.


 With 66 Associations in 28 countries, FISM Europe is the largest continental division of FISM International and is able of churning out FISM WCM Champions and Grand Prix.


The Past President John Pye, led FISM Europe in this direction and I want to follow in his footsteps  with the new FISM Europe board members (Xavier Tapias, Priska Walther, Eberhard Riese, Christina Nyman) by improving our organization to support more and more FISM Europe Associations, enhance cooperation, develop opportunities to share experiences among teams, leading Magic towards the future.


We look forward to welcoming you at the next FISM Europe Champioship of Magic in 2024 in Italy.



FISM Europe President



EEB Team

European Executive Board

Xavier Tapias

FISM Europe Vice President - Spain

Xavier is a well known magician and creator of magic marvels. Also he loves to be involved in any cause to improve the magic  as an art. 

Priska Walther

EEB - Secretary - Switzerland

Priska works with Swiss watch precission.

She loves magic and loves colaborating in any way that the magic comunity needs.


Eberhard Riese

EEB - Germany

Eberhard is a very recognized and respected person worldwide. His vision of magic and his help in training magicians is his great passion.

Christina Nyman

EEB - Luxemburg

Christina is a clever and active woman and her ideas are always welcome. Her language skills, knowledge about magic and legal background are valuable assets.


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